Sunday, January 02, 2005

The Rolling of Sleeves

So many dead, so many missing; comprehension has left the building.

"I checked the population of towns near me," confessed one friend. "I needed to pin a size in my mind, get a fix of some sort, on the human magnitude."

The instinctual desire to help, our closet good Samaritan as it were, rises in us at times of such mental helplessness. Doing beats blathering, every time. The personal flinging of the wealth, abilities, skills and stuff of this nation has far outstripped the belated empathy and monetary pledges of our government. Donations placed through for the Red Cross are over 12 million. Personal donations to the Catholic Relief Services are expected to be in the 25 million range. Americans are giving, and my simple hope is that, to the world, the efforts of countless individual Americans remind the world that we are still good global citizens.

Remember folks, the initial 15 million our government pledged was less than it will cost us to host Bush's inauguration. Our second pledge of 35 million is less than we spend in 6 hours in Iraq.

We have a mandate from God to raise up the poor and helpless. Give what you can and write who you must. We won't get our country back on track without demanding deeds that suit the words.


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