Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Tres Hombres

I've got a few things burning my backside this week. Fortunately, since I'm a Dem, I understand the concept of sharing.

Numero Uno: There's a difference between being pious and being pompous, and Tom Delay really needs a refresher course. The sad part is that there is a politically active block of people out there who see nothing wrong with this. 150,000+ dead and Delay's response is an "I told you so?"

Jesus wept, indeed.

Numero Dos: Jeb Bush is an idiot. Just precisely how stupid do the Bush brothers think we are?

This is the part that slayed me:

"The fact that we take sexual harassment allegations very seriously here proves that the allegations of sexual harassment made against Lloyd have no merit," DiPietre said.


Jeb Bush explains he fired one guy for sexual harassment, hired another one accused of it, then his PR flunky said that the fact that they fired the first guy proves that the second guy (their new guy) must be innocent.

A sphincter says what?


Numero Tres: Breaking News: this Inaugural Farce is appalling. Let's just take a moment to total up the damages, shall we?

Inauguration officials said they plan to spend $40 million on the celebration. Over the course of four days there will be fireworks, the swearing-in, a parade and nine balls. Cinderella's step-sisters must be in a swoon over the news. The costs for these items, which do not include security and other public services, are being paid for by private donors.

The city of D.C., which has always been reimbursed for expenses resulting from the inaugural hoopla, estimate that the city's costs for the inauguration will total $17.3 million, primarily for security. City officials can use an unspent $5.4 million from an annual federal fund (one that reimburses the District for costs incurred because of its status as the capital). That leaves $11.9 million not covered. On the previous inauguration, the city's tab was 8 million (less than half of this one's cost), all of which was covered through a direct appropriation. Now the city is being told to pull it from their homeland security funding.

The city with the highest risk of attack must steal from itself to pay for a party?

Hang on, it gets better.

According to the Office of Personnel Management, federal employees who work in the District, Montgomery, Prince George's, Fairfax and Arlington counties, Alexandria and Falls Church are entitled to a holiday on Inauguration Day, Jan. 20. The cost of giving federal workers in the capital area a day off was about $66 million as of June 1st.

Additionally, as written in the Washington Post, Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton (D-D.C.) has asked OPM chief Kay Coles James to dismiss federal employees at noon or 1 p.m. Jan. 19 to avoid gridlock. Doing the math anyone? That's $99 million dollars in paid wages for no work. Who pays? Why yes, Sir, you in the back -- Taxpayers pay for it? Give that man a sucker!


That's a million for every Tsunami death.

Jesus isn't the only one weeping.

Demand deeds that suit the words. E-mail President Bush here.


At January 13, 2005 6:55 PM, Blogger ~Betsy said...

Thanks, Jet, for your research for the info on the links. I was appalled to read the story about Tom Delay's Bible-quoting comments about the "foolish" survivors of the tsunami. He is just so full of himself, they ALL are. I feel ill when I hear GW's or Rumsfeld's voices on the radio, I have a visceral negative reaction, like I want to barf. Usually I'm making dinner and it's on NPR, so I don't...

I emailed GW my thoughts, but I'm sure he won't ever get to hear them. He doesn't read much, so the flunkie who reads him his email will only read the "good" stuff.

God forbid he should ever get a clue.

At January 14, 2005 1:56 PM, Blogger Jet said...

Hang in there Betsy! I understand W came out today with an apology for being brash. Somebody must be tweaking his meds. Who knows, maybe they can "Stepford Wife" him into a Dem. Worth a shot.

At January 16, 2005 12:25 PM, Blogger R said...

Lie cheat steal, all in the name of Christ. It just goes to show if your arrogant enough, and lie in the face of all contrary evidence, YOU TOO can grow up to be President some day, boys and girls!

At January 19, 2005 2:56 PM, Blogger maria said...

Totally disgusting!


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