Thursday, November 17, 2016

Pomp and Greed

This morning, I'm thinking about humans and how they need the definition of circumstance. Humans love to build a ritual, a standard, a set of rules or actions, that define how things are handled in the world. We see it everywhere and when it's not followed, people notice.

Like taking a knee during the anthem.

Or, say, not placing your assets into a blind trust when you get elected.

If only one of these inflames you, and it's not the second one, why are you here? What is it about America you want to protect and admire?

Think about it... when you have access to all the keys and you have a business empire, there will be conflicts of interest. The people who are on the other side of the issue WORK FOR YOU. There is no way, if you are in a dispute with the GSA over the rent on a building you rented and your are the GSA boss's boss, that there won't be pressure and you don't stand to gain.

Who loses? Taxpayers. We get to pay and pay and pay.

There are a myriad of ways to loot the Treasury and none involve a Fast and Furious dream team.

Tax troubles? Hire the right guy and they're gone. Stupid environmentalists messing up your bottom line? You're fired! You're hired! Done. All of these entities are there, in some form or another, to preserve the nation's wealth and keep it for the people. This is about to change.

We're racing towards a fuck-you to the good old days and ways to a level never ever seen. Literally, everything that is our ritual and circumstance for how we conduct our government is about to get tossed because some of us picked a President who never cared about any of it... unless there was an angle he could play. We are leaving the land of measured response and jumping blindly into tit-for-tat, outright stealing, graft, and corruption. It breaks my heart that our venerable super power government was so easy to break.

We need rituals to check greed.

Everything I believed we were, solemn, intelligent, patient, capable and strong, is breaking apart. I thought Trump was a buffoon but I thought he was an American. Turns out, he is quite willing to take down a superpower in a single election. The world is right to be appalled.

I understand people were feeling unheard. I do. There aren't going to be any take backs here, though. The depth of your anger is now matched by the world's despair, and neither will see respite. You'll stay angry that the America dream is dead, and our interconnected global economies will free-fall taking all of us along, angry and lashing. WWIII just opened a sleepy eye and smiled.

America has no ritual to stop this march. Pomp and circumstance, meet chaos and greed. They're here to stay.

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