Friday, November 11, 2016

Forestry 101

Bear poking is not advised.

Poking a bear, especially a grumpy one, will not bring you the outcome you desired.

Persisting in poking a pissy bear lets the bear know you think you are better than the bear. Bears, as a rule, are quite good at being bears, while bear poking, at best, is a low skill pastime.

Woke bears can be scary. Telling a woke bear to settle down is akin to poking.

Telling off a woke bear in the middle of the bear's habitat is not a playing field tilted to your advantage.

In summary, you need the economics of large American cities in order to survive, and they are PISSED. Let them be, and stop showing your ass every five minutes. And, for God's sake, stop poking, pontificating, and acting like butter wouldn't melt in your mouth. We've all seen the videos, heard the tapes and see the graffiti. There are no angels in the forest.

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